We are not just a salad company
we are a health food company, focused on made-to-order meals,
from ingredients chosen by you and prepared by us.


Select items from our menu
and we will create a meal with them, just the way you want
under 45 minutes.


Place your order here or download the mobile app to begin your
Salad-Freak adventure!

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Fresh and Tasty!
Do you like Jalapeno pepper with your chicken salad,
or a BLT with carrots instead of lettuce?

You can choose what goes into your salad,
we use fresh, locally sourced organic vegetables,


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Bun, wrap or bread, we got you covered
Coming Soon!

Use our delicious fillings to create a sandwich masterpiece.
You can be as conservative or creative as you want.
From the bread, the filling and the vegetables,
all the way to the type of spread,

you can choose anything you want in your sandwich.

Fresh Juices
Freshly Squeezed, cold pressed or Smoothies

Cold pressed, freshly squeezed or just sliced in its juices
wash down your meal the healthy way with fruit juices
just the way you like it.

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